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Right now, we have 17 (Seventeen) registered products in our hand which are available in the Market. Among them 6 are Insecticide, 3 are Fungicide, 1 is Herbicide, 6 are Micro nutrient Fertilizer & 1 is Plant Growth Regulator. Another 6 Products are under development process, hopefully we will be able to market these upcoming products within June”2012. The details are as below:


Anafuran-5G Onetap-50-SP Onezeb-80-WP
Bhumi-Boric-Acid Bhumi-Mono-ZInc Bhumi-Solubor-Boron
Bhumi-Magnesium-Sulphate Bhumi-Hepta-Zinc Bhumi-Chelated-Zinc
Getvit-80-WDG Getlux-25-EC Getzole-5-EC
Hivolt-48-EC Loreto-500-EC Onesilva-10-EC
Theme-20-SL Bhumi-4CPA
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