11Exploration and Mining Division is involved Exploration, Mining, Mineral Processing and Marketing of economically important Heavy Mineral Sands occurring in river channels and coastal and/or offshore island beach formations


• Launching of preliminary exploration activities along

  1. the sand bars of stream channels and
  2. the coastal/ offshore island - beach formations for identifying potential areas/ locations of economically important heavy minerals , like Zircon, Rutile, Leucoxene,Magnetite, Ilmenite and Garnet.

• Extensive and advanced geological exploration activities under the license of Bureau of Mineral Development ( BMD) in the specified/ demarcated zones for determining mine able heavy mineral resources and for assessment of commercial viability of mining,

• Mining of heavy mineral sands under the mining lease from Bureau of Mineral Development with maintenance of every aspects of national interest .

• Setting up of Commercial Plant for formal extraction/ separation of individual mineral of economic importance,

• Marketing the products both in local and foreign markets.

• Support to relevant research activities undertaken in national research organizations with the concerned minerals and associate radioactive materials if and when available in exploitable range .



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